COVENANTCABLES is a custom cable assembly service based in Lynnwood, Washington. Our goal is to provide quality cables at an affordable price to all working musicians and organizations who are on a tight budget. We skip the all too familiar marketing gimmicks you'd usually find with most companies and we simply give you something that will work, sound, and look good at a price that can't be beat. With little to no overhead costs like the big guys, COVENANTCABLES is proud to boast some of the lowest prices on cables in the world all backed by a lifetime repair/replacement warranty.

COVENANTCABLES is in the process of moving headquarters from Georgia to Washington. Please bear with us as we make this complex transition of ownership, shop space, and production process!


Here's what typically goes into the price of the cable that you will purchase at a typical online or retail store: 

(1) Employee Salaries
(2) Office Equipment and Supplies
(3) External Legal and Audit Fees
(4) Company Transportation
(5) Travel and Entertainment Costs
(6) Research & Development
(7) Web Development Costs
(8) Marketing Investment
(1) Employee Salaries
(2) Property Taxes on Production Facilities
(3) Facility Rental Fees
(4) Utilities for Facility
(5) Material Cable Costs
(1) Promotional Discount Buffer Margin
(2) Owner / Shareholders
But we do things a little differently at COVENANTCABLES. We ask two questions when we price our cables:

(1) How much does it cost to make? (materials)
How much time does take to make? (labor)

Believe it or not, that's pretty much it. Whenever we run promos, it's us that takes a hit and not the customer with marked up prices year round like everyone else. Probably not the smartest business model, but that's just how we do things.